Top 12 popularly used internet slangs

The technology is advancing providing more and more access to the world of internet. Due to this people can easily communicate with each other even across the globe. Interestingly people have developed their own ways of communicating and introduced their own words and even short forms or abbreviations. Some have gained anonymous popularity among the internet and are referred to as slangs.
Top 12 popularly used internet slangs:
1. Bae: Babe (Before anyone else)
2. DM: Direct Message
3. FML: F**k My Life
4. TIL: Today I Learnt
5. Facepalm: for “Idiot”
6. IRL: In Real Life
7. Selfie: Self-Portrait Picture
8. WYD: What You Doing?
9. Take the L: Take the Loss
10. MVP: Most Valuable Player
11. Dafuq: (What) the fu*k?
12. IMO: In My Opinion

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Top 12 popularly used internet slangs

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