Top 10 things that time can never take away

Time waits for none. You need to realize its importance. Time is the greatest sadist yet there are things time can never take away. Here are the list of the things that time can never take.

Top 10 things time can never take away:
10. Taxes: You can’t run from taxes as no one can escape the law.


9. History: The things that are once written in the pages of history remain there forever.


8. Religion: As long as there is God and human, religion will be present.

Religion confusion

7. Sex: Sex runs in every animal’s DNA and it is said that no matter what the question is, sex is always the answer.


6. Jews: Jews have come up unified and strong and no one could question or scare the Jewish existence, not even the time.


5. Toilets: Time can never take away our toilets!


4. Football: Football is watched by millions across the globe and has gained popularity over years. People would continue to worship the game and the players.


3. Souls: Time may take our bodies but it can never take our souls.


2. Music: People say music is life and eternal love. Time cannot take away the music from within us.


1. Clothes: Humans are the only animal species on the planet who wear clothes. Time can never rob away our clothes.


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Top 10 things that time can never take away

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