The top 10 notorious female criminals

The human mind is unconsciously stereotyped. Not surprisingly, we tend to associate sinister crimes to be the brainchild of men while women (Female Criminals) are conveniently bailed out of this accusation on the pretext of their ‘innate’ warmth and goodness. But, we know not all that glitters are gold. If it is not rare for men to be charitable, it should not be difficult to digest the fact that women can be wicked too. Underestimating the notorious power of females is one grave mistake you do not want to commit. History stands witness to those badass women who defied the norm and stood out of the crowd. From robbery to drug trafficking to cold-blooded murders they’ve done it all. Thus criminal instincts are not a characteristic of men solely; women give men a fierce competition in this race. Introducing you to the top 10 women who got their names imprinted in the infamous list of heinous crimes.

10. Sandra Avila Beltran


9 Patty Hearst

8. Genene Jones


7. Karla Homolka


6. Diane Downs


5. Aileen Wuornos


4. Griselda Blanco


3. Lizzie Borden


2. Bonnie Parker


1. Mary Ann Cotton



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The top 10 notorious female criminals

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