These 10 Signs Will Prove That You’re A Genius

Sometimes you just need a sign to know and give you confidence that  you are a genius. So here we have 10 signs that prove you that you are a  genius. Read the article to know if you are one!

1. Doodling

Doodling is a creative form of staying busy and looking for new  concepts. Your hand gets into the groove and has a mind of its own. It’s  the body’s way of approaching new ways of escaping boredom and discover  something unique.

2. Having less friends.

Intelligent people keep their social circle small in order to achieve  their goals and concentrate better. They also tend to be selective  about whom they want to spend time with.

3. You take your time.

People always consider being slow with being lazy, but that isn’t  always the case. Taking your time might make it a methodical approach to  coming closer to your goals is the smartest way to get through a  situation.

4. Not making progress.

This might come as a surprise, but the reason for not making progress  might be the fact that your brain is too busy. Try to sort out your  mental activity, and you may find yourself operating on another level  altogether.

5. Talking to yourself.

If you didn’t know, talking to yourself is considered to be a sign of  intelligence. Talking to yourself creates order in your thoughts, and  the verbal cues help while searching for lost objects.

6. Being messy.

People often harness their creativity out of a messy and chaotic environment. So, it’s considered to be nurturing, not lazy.

7. Efficiency

It’s not lazy if it works. Shortcuts are not a way to avoid working hard, it’s actually strategic in nature.

8. Indifference

Spending your time and energy wisely on people is a sign of being an  intellectual. Others might consider you indifferent. But, you’re just  picky on where to use your energy.

9. Delegation

Handing over a task to others is a sign of intelligence because  intelligent people handle something, which is tougher. You may be  exhibiting this characteristic without being conscious about it, as  strategies come naturally to you.

10. Lack of sleep

You need to rest your brain and a nap helps in that. Lack of sleep  can slow you down. Naps can help in a quick way to recharge and refresh  yourself.

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These 10 Signs Will Prove That You’re A Genius

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