Teen Mom OG Drugged & Raped?!

Troubled past

Farrah Abraham’s troubled past has greatly affected her life and may explain why she’s made so many controversial decisions.

Michael Abraham defended his daughter

The Teen Mom OG star’s father, Michael Abraham, defended his daughter  and their family on Twitter over the weekend after numerous fans  blasted the Marriage Boot Camp stars for their parenting choices.  Details on next page

Michael slammed a fan

Michael slammed a fan for bashing the MTV star and shared that he and his daughter are dealing with their respective pasts.

He tweeted

“Mine comes from being a disabled VET for hearing loss… Farrah’s is  from her trauma — shame on you for your judgement,” he tweeted.

Farrah was raped


He then went into detail and tweeted: “It was many things…fighting  between her mom & father, Debra & her physical actions toward  Farrah & her sister. Farrah was raped a few years ago.” Though some  fans were sympathetic, others did not believe Michael’s story.

2013 $ex tape


“When she did PORN, THAT’S NOT RAPE,” said one Twitter troll, referencing her 2013 $ex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom. Michael responded, “Get your head out of your ass. It happened (yes Farrah was raped) after that video… facts not your hate.”

James Deen


The MTV star once claimed she was “drugged and manipulated” by James  Deen, her sex tape co-star. “I’ve learned and I need to admit [what  happened] — this was conspired, this was a form of rape,” she said in  2015. “I was drugged and manipulated. He’s a disgusting person.”

Racist and treats people poorly

Other fans on social media claimed the 26-year-old is a racist and treats people poorly based on their skin color.

He again replied

“You’re so very wrong Andrea. Farrah has dated men of many races  & if your talking about Marriage Bootcamp on WETV. we had slurs said  towards us also.”

He also defended his daughter’s work life

He also defended his daughter’s work life after a  fan tweeted, “Sad reality is that 3/4 of the girls on OG don’t really  work for their money.” Michael said back, “Nicole what are you talking  about? Besides TV work all four woman [sic] run at least one business —  they ALL work & that’s a fact not an opinion.”

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Teen Mom OG Drugged & Raped?!

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