Petrol and Diesel Price in Hyderabad Today Price 17-June-2017

Daily Petrol Price in Hyderabad Updates

Date Petrol Price
16/Jun/2017 69.56 Rs/Ltr
01/Jun/2017 71.42 Rs/Ltr
16/May/2017 69.74 Rs/Ltr
01/May/2017 72.68 Rs/Ltr
17/Apr/2017 72.66 Rs/Ltr
01/Apr/2017 75.91Rs/Ltr
17/Jan/2017 75.91 Rs/Ltr
02/Jan/2017 75.33 Rs/Ltr
17/Dec/2016 73.57 Rs/Ltr
01/Dec/2016 70.55 Rs/Ltr
16/Nov/2016 70.37 Rs/Ltr
07/Nov/2016 72.22 Rs/Ltr
17/Oct/2016 70.96 Rs/Ltr
05/Oct/2016 69.12 Rs/Ltr
01/Oct/2016 69.01 Rs/Ltr
16/Sep/2016 68.62 Rs/Ltr
01/Sep/2016 67.84 Rs/Ltr
16/Aug/2016 65.31 Rs/Ltr
01/Aug/2016 65.31 Rs/Ltr
16/Jul/2016 66.80 Rs/Ltr
01/Jul/2016 69.18 Rs/Ltr
16/Jun/2016 69.96 Rs/Ltr
01/Jun/2016 69.91 Rs/Ltr
17/May/2016 67.17 Rs/Ltr
01/May/2016 66.29 Rs/Ltr
16/Apr/2016 65.18 Rs/Ltr
05/Apr/2016 66.22 Rs/Ltr
17/Mar/2016 63.09 Rs/Ltr
01/Mar/2016 63.84 Rs/Ltr
18/Feb/2016 63.84 Rs/Ltr
01/Feb/2016 63.85 Rs/Ltr
16/Jan/2016 63.90 Rs/Ltr
01/Jan/2016 64.24 Rs/Ltr
16/Dec/2015 64.92 Rs/Ltr
01/Nov/2015 65.76 Rs/Ltr
01/Sep/2015 66.29 Rs/Ltr
15/Aug/2015 68.45 Rs/Ltr
01/Aug/2015 69.82 Rs/Ltr
15/Jul/2015 72.52 Rs/Ltr
01/Jul/2015 75.11 Rs/Ltr

Daily Diesel Price in Hyderabad Updates

Date Price
16/Jun/2017 59.30 Rs/Ltr
01/Jun/2017 61.01 Rs/Ltr
16/May/2017 59.87 Rs/Ltr
01/May/2017 62.53 Rs/Ltr
17/Apr/2017 61.97 Rs/Ltr
01/Apr/2017 64.34 Rs/Ltr
17/Jan/2017 64.34 Rs/Ltr
02/Jan/2017 63.02 Rs/Ltr
17/Dec/2016 61.78 Rs/Ltr
01/Dec/2016 59.50 Rs/Ltr
16/Nov/2016 59.65 Rs/Ltr
07/Nov/2016 61.53 Rs/Ltr
17/Oct/2016 60.39 Rs/Ltr
05/Oct/2016 57.38 Rs/Ltr
01/Oct/2016 57.30 Rs/Ltr
16/Sep/2016 57.38 Rs/Ltr
01/Sep/2016 57.76 Rs/Ltr
16/Aug/2016 54.86 Rs/Ltr
01/Aug/2016 57.03 Rs/Ltr
16/Jul/2016 59.21 Rs/Ltr
01/Jul/2016 59.65 Rs/Ltr
16/Jun/2016 60.15 Rs/Ltr
01/Jun/2016 58.72 Rs/Ltr
17/May/2016 56.26 Rs/Ltr
01/May/2016 54.89 Rs/Ltr
16/Apr/2016 51.79 Rs/Ltr
05/Apr/2016 53.12 Rs/Ltr
17/Mar/2016 52.07 Rs/Ltr
01/Mar/2016 48.44 Rs/Ltr
18/Feb/2016 48.44 Rs/Ltr
01/Feb/2016 48.14 Rs/Ltr
16/Jan/2016 48.18 Rs/Ltr
01/Jan/2016 49.11 Rs/Ltr
16/Dec/2015 50.26 Rs/Ltr
01/Sep/2015 48.45 Rs/Ltr
15/Aug/2015 48.99 Rs/Ltr
01/Aug/2015 50.27 Rs/Ltr
16/Jul/2015 54.24 Rs/Ltr
01/Jul/2015 56.59 Rs/Ltr

Petrol and diesel rates were cut today Likewise and only another framework for Every day value progressions over petroleum products, to a shift from fortnightly value revisions. Under those new amendment system, Significantly those littlest progress to worldwide oil costs might make passed down will consumers. Till now, three PSU oil promoting organizations – indian Oil, bharat petroleum Furthermore hindustan petroleum – reconsidered those costs on the 1st Also sixteenth about consistently In light of Normal global raw petroleum and remote trade rates. Indian oil need said the Every day value amendment will be a activity to guarantee the best workable costs of the clients and in addition enhanced transparency in the estimating system. Every day value amendment takes after a effective test Previously, five urban areas – Chandigarh, Jamshedpur, Puducherry, Udaipur and Vizag – the place Every day cost progress began from might 1.

After today’s amendment toward 6 am, petrol costs in the four metro urban areas might be Rs. 65. 48 done Delhi, Rs. 76. 70 done Mumbai, Rs. 68. 02 over chennai Also Rs. 68. 03 for kolkata. Similarly, diesel rates will make Rs. 54. 49 done Delhi, Rs. 59. 90 clinched alongside Mumbai, Rs. 57. 41 Previously, chennai What’s more Rs. 56. 65 clinched alongside Kolkata, indian oil said. Those country’s biggest fuel retailer declared a Rs. 1. 12 for every liter decrease clinched alongside petrol, excluding state levies (VAT), and diesel Eventually Tom’s perusing Rs. 1. 24 An liter. Costs in distinctive states might fluctuate because of nearby expenses Also might additionally differ in distinctive outlets.

Indian oil need stepped up deliberations towards consistent Every day revisions. That incorporates headed screens toward petrol pumps, An without toll tollbar number, Online networking posts, value amendment app alerts Also SMSes. Additionally, indian oil said, each petrol pump will have its dealer’s code prominently shown permitting shoppers with check the costs through SMS.

Indian oil enterprise need set up 87 control rooms the nation over to tending to specialized foul glitches or framework issues that might be emerging toward those dealer’s wind. Costs will Additionally make communicated on dealers Eventually Tom’s perusing four modes: altered SMSes, e-mails, versatile app Furthermore web portal to dealers. “These method for correspondence would also accessible should dealers of robotized petrol pumps,” indian oil need said.

Separated from decreasing volatility, the shift with Every day value revisions will guarantee that there may be no sudden demise expand alternately decline done Domesticated offering prices, indian oil required said sooner. “The Every day cost amendment is a activity to guaranteeing the best conceivable costs of the clients and also progressed transparency in the estimating instrument. “.

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Petrol and Diesel Price in Hyderabad Today Price 17-June-2017

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