Kim Kardashian robbed in Paris by masked men with guns

Reports are coming that Kim Kardashian was robbed in paris by masked man holding her with guns.

This happened in the early hours of Monday, she was tied in her bathroom robbing her jewelry worth millions of dollars. According to the stories on web, there were five armed men with police badges entered her exclusive apartment in paris. She was in paris for attending paris fashion week

According to a source, they stole a box which is worth of five to six million euros of jewelry and a ring worth four million euros. The spokeperson for kim said “badly shaked but physically unharmed” following the incident. It’s still not clear that her two young children were present at the time of incident.

Kim is getting a lot of support from social media

Kim Kardashian is a mother, a wife, daughter and sister. Despite the fact that you don’t like her, being held up at gun point is not funny.” Said @SoDamnTrue

“So scary hearing what happened to @KimKardashian in Paris” said @Teresa_Giudice

“how are you gonna try to enforce anti gun laws but make fun of kim kardashian for being held hostage on gunpoint. how does that work?” said @omgarsal

“I’m genuinely upset about what happened to Kim Kardashian. I’m also bothered by how many people think it’s funny. What’s wrong with humanity” said @kelseysoderberg

“Omg. Just heard about @KimKardashian being tied up and robbed at gunpoint in her own hotel room…that’s terrifying, I hope she’s okay” said @RickyPDillon

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Kim Kardashian robbed in Paris by masked men with guns

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