Intresting Animal Fun facts you must know

Animal Fun facts

We all know the scientific facts about the real life happenings. But this list will make you wonder if it was actually the truth. Find out the best animal fun facts that will fill up your brain with special knowledge that a very few have. Share these animal facts with your friends and make them wonder too if it was really possible. 

1.The female lion’s do hunting for pride is 90%
2. Squirrels help us to plant thousands of trees by forgetting where they hide acorns

3. While playing male puppies make sure that female puppies always win the game
4. The only animal that breath through their butt is turtle
5. Other than humans, only cows have best buddies
6. Penguins propose to their best mates by offering them a stone
7. Monkeys in Japan steal coins to buy snacks from vending machines
8. Killing a panda in china not only end you in jail but sometime it can be a death sentence too
9. Dolphins call their friends by name
10. Oyster is the only animal which can change its gender

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Intresting Animal Fun facts you must know

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