Interesting facts you might have not known about India

India is a country rich in its culture, heritage, and the birthplace of most of the great known personalities in the world. The country is highly known for its culture, traditions and has something different to every inch of its land. You will find an enormous diversity in the people living in the country. The country is also known to have 7th largest country in terms of area. It has the largest population. The country was ruled by British for quite a long time but is the home of all the people no matter which God they believe it. There is a sense of belongingness that can be felt with the country. Coming to the people born in this country, most of them have left their names in the history of World. They have turned famous worldwide leaving the Indians proud of its people and their country. More often, India is known for its immense poverty, broken buildings, and dirty people and backward cities. However, if you have the same conception, then here are some of the interesting facts you must read and know more about the country. These facts will surely change your views about the country.

1. India May takes over China’s population by 2022


2. It’s more Multilingual than others


3. Has larger mega-cities


4. Voters are in number of Millions


5. India was an Islamic State


6. Road Deaths are more than any other country


7. Biggest consumer and producer of Mangoes in the world


8. Third Highest Ranker in breaking records amongst the rest of the world.


9. India’s First rocket was brought and transported on a bicycle


10. There is a Species of Shark that inhabits the ‘Holy River’ Ganges


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Interesting facts you might have not known about India

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