10 Common Mistakes Couples Make After A Love Making Session

One moment you are experiencing the bliss and the next moment, it all vanishes into thin air. Why is it that the fire that once swelled up at a mere glance goes on diminishing eventually until you both get into a habit of sleeping with your back towards each other? We often see that fire getting dull as the relationship moves with time and there is nothing that we could do to make things run smoothly as before. 

Some have their differences to blame, while others get tired of the same routine, but what about the couples who love each other like crazy and still find the frenzy declining? There is definitely something that is hampering your love life and affecting it silently. 

Wait! Are you one of those who is making these mistakes that are killing the mood and affecting your following love-making sessions? It’s not too late to mend!

The mood is set…

Have you been in a situation where you have just got back home and cannot wait to get intimate? Or… you find your partner all set waiting for you with candles lit up and bathtub ready? Cannot even wait to change and fresh-n-up? I am sure this is common to all!

You can no longer keep your hands off each other!

The fun begins and you are all over each other…

You had a sizzling love-making session…

But is there something you or your partner did soon after that killed the tempo?

The after-sex mistakes!

There are some things couples do that simply brings down the fun-o-meter and kills the bliss that you both were enjoying. Here are those mistakes you must avoid if you want to continue having a blissful life. 

1. Rushing to the washroom to clean up.

If you can enjoy getting messy while doing it, then why can’t you wait for a li’l longer before cleaning up? Enjoy some moments with your partner after making love, everything else can wait!

2. Immediately grabbing something to eat.

If you rush to the kitchen or refrigerator soon after to eat or drink, it may signal that you were waiting to wrap up quickly and were thinking about eating all the while. This may not go down very well with your partner.

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10 Common Mistakes Couples Make After A Love Making Session

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